Take a look at our 12 Verticals

“THE Business Forum Group” at Doral, is powered by the 12 key industry verticals that shape and impact the economy of The City of Doral.


The City of Doral’s economic development is driven by 12 key industry sectors called “Verticals”. The backbone of The City’s economy are the over 11,000 businesses representing each Vertical that employ thousands and supply goods and services for the benefit of the residents & businesses in Doral and beyond.

These Verticals are led by 12 South Florida executives, business icons, thoughts leaders and influencers known as “The Pioneer Club” and supported by The Premier Club an ensemble of 24 industry experts. This distinguished group called “ The Doral 36” will develop programs & initiatives that will showcase; Industry trends, opportunities and create synergies with other industry verticals for the purpose of enhancing economic development and business growth.

The Business Forum Group will spotlight a different vertical each month via social media, monthly newsletter, community newspaper article, Business Forum Radio Program culminating with The Monthly Vertical Showcase Event at the end of the month.